A major water heater recall has been issued for AO Smith Ultra-Low NOx water heaters due to a fire hazard.

Natural gas and propane water heaters including AO Smith, American Water Heater, Kenmore, Reliance, State, US Craftmaster, and Whirlpool are included in this recall. About 616,000 water heaters have been affected by this recall which were manufactured from April 8, 2011 to August 1, 2016.

If you have one of the forementioned water heater manufactured in the time frame mentioned above, please go to https://www.waterheaterrecall.com/ and enter your serial number to see if your water heater qualifies for a free repair. Your serial number can be found on a sticker on your water heater.

The water heater’s gas burner screen develops tears. The water heater’s burner can then create excess radiant heat posing a fire hazard if the water heater is installed directly on a wood or other combustible floor.