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On This Date in Plumbing History 1993

On June 7th 1993 George Shaw started his professional plumbing career. He has honed his skills for the past 25 years to become one of the most respected plumbers in the area. George has been known to not only help people by repairing their plumbing problems, but to...

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Just Say NO!

If your roofer, landscaper, carpenter, or the person that puts up your Christmas decorations wants to repair your toilet, sink, or other plumbing fixture JUST SAY NO! Let your electrician repair your lights and electrical outlets, let a certified HVAC work on your...

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On This Date in Plumbing History 1998

On this date, April 22, 1998 George Shaw received his Registered Master Plumbing license from the Allegheny County Health Department. Is the person you called for your plumbing work a registered master plumber? Do they know the plumbing codes or proper installation...

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Drain Cleaning – Shaw Plumbing does That!

Back up or slow drains. Call Shaw Plumbing to have your drains cleaned. Whether it be a slow kitchen sink, bathtub, or bathroom sink, a clogged toilet or even a main sewer line backup, Shaw Plumbing can get your drain running fast again. 

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Water Heater Prices To Increase in June

I have been advised by my suppliers that effective Monday June 4th, water heater prices will increase. The expected increase is 10%-15%. This means the price of a residential water heater will increase $40-$150, depending on the size and type of water heater that you...

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New Kitchen Countertop

Are you planning to upgrade your kitchen with a new countertop? Putting in an under mount kitchen sink? Doing so may cause your kitchen sink drain to run uphill.  Especially if you want a deep sink and have a garbage disposal. I recently replaced a garbage disposal...

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Welcome To Shaw Plumbing!

Welcome to the Shaw Plumbing website. We made it very easy to find all the essential information needed to choose Shaw Plumbing as your Registered Master Plumber. Whether you want to follow us on Facebook, keep current on plumbing rebates, or just want some simple...

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Garbage Disposal Tips

In order to preserve the life of your disposal, turn on the water, start the disposal, then put some ice-cubes down your drain.  The ice-cubes will sharpen the blades of the disposal.  It will also help clean the disposal of some left over remnants that may be trapped...

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